The Divine Feminine

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The Divine Feminine

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This course is designed to help women tap into their creativity and connect to Mother Earth.

It is a 3-week journey to understanding and embracing your unique gifts. This course is designed to give you tools and guidance to start your creative journey and connect to Mother Earth.

This course integrates ritual practices, self-care, meditation, tapping, and journaling into daily practices of self discovery.

We focus specifically during these 3 weeks on our connection to the Divine feminine through our first three chakras:  root, sacral and solar plexus.

Each week is geared toward one of these chakras. You will explore your connection to Divine Mother Nature, your worthiness as a Divine being, and your inner creative power and how that can exist out in the world.

Beginning with the root chakra and moving up to your solar plexus, you are working with the lower energy centers that connect to your physical body — they embody your place in the world as a unique and creative individual.

Each week, we explore the inspiring work of female artists over the past century to see the many ways that female creatives, like yourself, can make work and engage with the world.

The Divine Feminine is an inner journey. You begin to change the world around you by starting from within.

These are the questions we explore.

-What is the divine? And what is the divine feminine?

-How do I access the divine in me?

-How do I recognize and engage with the divine around me?

-How do I find my creative power?

The goals of this course.

-Connecting to your sacral energy.

-Working creatively with Mother Earth.

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The course will begin November 18th.