The Divine Feminine

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The Divine Feminine


Do you feel disconnected from yourself, or feel like you aren’t where you want to be in your life? Maybe you find yourself wondering why you aren’t able to make the money you want to make, or have the relationship you want to have, or follow your passions no matter how hard you try. I believe that we find ourselves in these positions when we lose our self-worth and when we have become separated from our true selves. 

It can be difficult for women to feel worthy and deserving when we are surrounded by judgment from others and we are filled with self-criticism. I have been through some dark moments in my life where I could not escape from feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy. And what I offer in this course are all of the tools that helped me to pick myself back up and discover my value in the world.

This course is designed to help creative women feel worthy, inspired, and hopeful.

It is a 6-week journey to understanding and embracing your divine feminine soul. Through exploring the work of six female artists from the past 50 years, you will see the many ways that female creatives, like yourself, can make work and engage with the world. This course integrates ritual, self-care, meditation, tapping, and journaling into daily practices of self discovery.

The Divine Feminine is an inner journey. You begin to change the world around you by starting from within.

These are the questions we explore.

-What is the divine? And what is the divine feminine?

-How do I access the divine in me?

-How do I recognize and engage with the divine around me?

The goals of this course.

-Feeling worthy and deserving of all that you want in life.

-Having the confidence and ability to create the life you desire.

-Knowing that you are integrally connected to nature and a part of the divine feminine.

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This course starts Monday, April 1st, 2019 and ends Monday, May 13th, 2019.