Do You Desire to Connect With Mother Earth?

Would You Love to Tap Into Your Inner Creativity?

I Offer Online Courses and Reiki Infused Artwork to Guide and Assist You On Your Journey.

As a teacher, I am committed to helping women find their own voice and embrace their own divinity. The world needs women to stand in their power and believe in their ability to create lasting change. My classes help women in all stages of life to reclaim and re-engage with who they are on the most basic level. We are warriors and witches, sorceresses and enchantresses uniting together to foster self-love and healing. 

Those who take my classes leave with a renewed understanding of their value in the world and their power as a divine creative.

As an artist, I am working between growing and making. I grow kombucha, red wine vinegar, and mushrooms. I handmake paper and handspin fibers to create weavings and paper drawings. The line between growing and making blurs, and I wonder what is grown and what is made. This is where I want my work to exist, between my hand and the material, what I manipulate and what I cultivate. 

In this space, I am confronted with the power and presence of the environments I’ve created and the agency of the materials I work with. Their being and mine intertwine. And I am left with weavings and drawings that speak to our interactions. I respect these environments and surrender control, working in a place of collaboration.