Artist Statement

Iā€™m interested in notions of time, the body and its boundaries, and how our senses take in the world around us. In my work, I want to set up a situation for growth to take place.  I am containing and framing the growth of fungi and the decaying of material. I am allowing for the fermentation of cultures in the spaces I inhabit. The transformation is the work, and the way in which I frame and situate it affects how change is experienced.  Time is seen in stages of growth. The boundaries of my body blur through its own cycles of death and regeneration as I grow and shed.  

My routine gestures, my body and its rhythms of breathing, beating, and pulsing measure time through my manipulation of material. The permeable layers of my body shed and secrete. I am exploring avenues of understanding through touch. I want my work to create a longing to physically push. My body can feel, breathe, touch, see, smell, and taste simultaneously.

I can understand things through their handling, through the way my body senses and experiences the world around me. Material becomes important for knowledge. These materials can be the detritus of everyday activity or the careful collection of objects and unrefined substances.  They transform. They decay and regrow. They are natural and real pointing to the physicality of the body.